Review of Trading Binary UK:

Binary Options:

Binary Options is one of the forms of investment in which the investor purchases the asset and the profit and loss is dependent upon the value of the asset. Binary Options have only two possibilities ‘Call’ or ‘Put’. When the investor predicts that the price of the asset will increase, this investment possibility is called ‘Call Option’. And when the investor predicts that the price of asset will fall, this possibility is known as ‘Put Option’.

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Types of Binary Trading UK:

There are different types of binary trading when it comes to Binary options UK.

  • Up/Down and High/Low Binary Options:

This the simple type in which the investor simply predicts that in which direction the price will move with the duration of option. If the option reaches its expiry date, the price will rise or fall.

  • Above/Below Option:

This option differs very slightly from the Up/down Option. It also deals with the expiration and prediction of rising and falling. The starting point of trading lies somewhere above or below the actual value of asset.

  • Touch/ No touch Option:

This type is complicated to some extent. In this type, the investor or the broker set the price of asset, and if the real world price touches and goes through the barrier value, then this is called ‘Touch Option’. If the price does not touch the barrier option, then it is ‘No Touch Option’ and any touch bets will be lost.

  • In/ Out or Boundary Option:

This type of trade requires two fundamentals to be set by investors. One is the lower barrier and other is the higher barrier. The first option requires that the price value will stay between the two barriers. ‘Out Option’ will be applied if the price or value goes outside of either of the two barriers.

Assets that can be traded through Binary Options UK:

There is a variety of binary options and contracts available while Trading with Binary UK. You have different options with those you can trade with. These contracts are


Indices consist of Nasdaq, Dow Jones, FTSE, Nikkel and many more trading contracts.

B)- Forex:

Forex is the combination of all major currencies of the world. These currencies are United States Dollar(USD), Great British Pound(GBP), JPY, AUD and other major currencies to trade with.

C)- Commodities:

Commodities include gold, Silver, Oil, Corn, Coffee and many other commodities of life.

D)- Stocks:

Over 50 of the biggest and interesting companies and a variety of industries are available in Binary Trading asset lists. Google, Coca Cola and many banks are also among those companies and industries.

Binary Trading is all about trading the assets with good predication strategies. Good prediction strategies and trading strategies will result in profits and rise in the value of assets and will be very beneficial for investors and traders.